Pearl Letter Necklace - Maria Nilsdotter


4 995 Sek

Quirky and unique with their individual character, the Pearl Letter Necklace spans across all letters of the full alphabet, hand made with your choice of letter in gold-plated silver and freshwater pearls. This necklace is adjustable between 45-50cm. Pearls are graded from 4mm to 5mm and letter measures roughly 20mm. This piece is made to order, for which we do not accept any returns or exchanges. When ordering this necklace, production begins within one business day and takes approximately 2-3 weeks. Maria Nilsdotter always seeks to perfect the harmony of each one of her creations. Because of this, the pearl size and shape can vary slightly from piece to piece. We recommend restringing a pearl necklace that you wear on a daily basis once a year; we are happy to help with restringing your pearl necklace.

Gold-plated Silver