Pippi Longstocking - Maria Nilsdotter


Tapping into her storytelling instincts, Maria Nilsdotter is launching a collection marking the 75th anniversary of Pippi Longstocking – Sweden’s original rebel-girl icon and national treasure. Handcrafted from eco-silver, the collection mixes a playful spirit with a crafty feel, with Nilsdotter setting out to interpret the character’s signature punk spirit in a collection that speaks to every generation.

“Pippi is a character who stands up for what she believes in and goes her own way, but is also kind,” says the designer. “As everyone knows Pippi is the strongest girl in the world. Strength can be found in anyone and with this collection I want to acknowledge the Pippi we all have inside of us”, says Nilsdotter. The collection is part of “Pippi of Today”, a collaboration with the Astrid Lindgren Company and Save the Children to create awareness and raise funds for girls on the move.

Creative Director: Maria Nilsdotter Director & DoP: Sara Dehlin Starring: Titiyo Styling: Maria Montti Makeup Artist: Jasmine Lundmark