- Maria Nilsdotter


Taking inspiration from Scandinavian folklore, the dark Nordic nature and the mysterious and fantastical landscapes of Swedish late painter John Bauer, Maria Nilsdotter’s new film is a visual manifesto of Maria’s universe. In a contemporary take on an ancient fairytale, we follow Tuvstarr, a lost princess on a mission through the dark woods to recover her golden heart necklace. Set in the deepest Scandinavian forest, the film is a visually mesmerising and empowering story about self-discovery, sprinkled with dark humour and an original pulsating music score.

Creative Director: Maria Nilsdotter Written and directed by: Joanna Nordahl Director of Photography: Erik Henriksson Producer: Ebba von Zweigbergk Production Company: New Land Styling by: Maria Montti Makeup Artist: Sara Eriksson Hair Stylist: Tony Lundström